Friday Faves – Stryker Loves Treats

Stryker has a slight food obsession.

Stryker has a slight food obsession.

Stryker has always had a compulsive relationship with food. He tried to eat a plate of lasagna when he was a kitten. He literally launched himself across the room at my plate. He also spent a summer stealing dog food and gained almost 7 pounds.

He’s still a big boy, but he’s pretty active, and he’s back on a healthier food regime. He outgrew his kitten asthma, and he doesn’t launch himself into plates. He has a strange affection for tomato/basil Wheat Thins, but that’s his primary vice now, and fortunately, we don’t have those around too often.

Since Stryker loves food, I was worried about the pet food recalls and treats made in China, so scoured the stores until I found something that sounded safe. We’re trying Waggers My Little Lion treats. That tuna and chicken are the prime ingredients makes this kitty mom happy, and it’s made in the U.S. by a Canadian company. I chose tuna flavor because I thought Snowbird might try them, but she still refuses to touch anything except dry kibble and canned tuna.

On the other hand, Stryker loves them! Here he is smiling and licking his lips after snack time.

Disclaimer: I purchased these treats myself for my pets. I received no payment or compensation for the endorsement of this product. I merely wanted to share information about a product that makes my pets happy.