Tiny Cat Tuesday – Baby Stryker at the Door

Tiny Cat Tuesday - Baby Stryker at the Door

I’ve always loved this picture of Stryker. He was only a few months old and had just gotten settled into my apartment in Oxford, MS. I only had two windows in my apartment: the one he was looking out of, which was actually a French door, and my bedroom window. He liked watching birds at the door.

This picture is still posted at our local vet’s office. Our vet “Uncle” Dr. Bob found Stryker for me. He was part of an abandoned litter, and Dr. Bob knew Christabelle wanted a little brother or sister. All of her potential siblings had fallen through, except for Stryker, and to this day, they are an utterly devoted pair.

Note the green mouse. Stryker enjoyed marching his mice under the stove, and once he hopped up on his back legs and looked like he saluted them before he batted the last one under the stove. From that point onward, I called him General Mouser, and he was leading his catnip troops.