A little something about Mary

I’m a versatile writer. One day I might be writing a feature article, and the next, I am compiling a recipe column. In 2012, I received the Edward J. Meeman Award for Public Service writing, and my personal/humor column won second place from the 2012 Tennessee Press Association.

I love writing about my world, and animals play a huge part in my life, so they play prominent roles in my work. Travel is also one of my passions, and I take photographs everywhere I go.

I’m an award-winning staff writer for a weekly community newspaper. My interests run deep, however, and pets and history are my two great loves. My personal and humor columns often focus on my pets, specifically my cats. I enjoy uncovering lost history. My 2011 feature story “From humble origins to ‘lady warrior’; Henderson native helped ignite women’s rights movement” placed 4th in the Tennessee Press Association awards, and brought to light Sue Shelton White, a previously overlooked leader of the suffrage movement who came of age in Henderson, TN.

On a side note, I also write a weekly cooking column.

Some of my best and/or favorite writing is featured here. Contact me here to hire me for your next important writing project.

All works and photos Β© Mary Mount Dunbar 2013


4 comments on “A little something about Mary

  1. Sylvia Mount says:

    I can tell I’m really going to like your site.

  2. Herman says:

    Hi Mary! Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

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